Rare Dog Breeds for Dog Lovers in America

Here is a list of five rare dog breeds that are gaining in popularity in the U.S.A. America is a nation of pet lovers and there are many amongst us are particularly attracted to rare dog breeds.

rare dog breeds

1. Otterhound – The otterhound is almost unique amongst the class of hounds because the breed was developed to help hunt otters. This is a scenthound and is prized for its very keen sense of smell. At 120 pounds in weight this is a big dog and yet it is surprisingly active. An otterhound has webbed feet to help it swim after its prey and a double coat that lets it bear the rigors of the outdoors when assisting its masters on a hunt.

2. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog – The Alapaha region in Georgia is where this rare dog breed came into being. It belongs to the illustrious bulldog family of dogs and contains within its body and character all the attributes that distinguish the bulldog as a sterling breed. It is strong, well-built, muscular, obedient, and will protect its masters and children to its last breath. The animal can weigh up to 100 pounds. These animals perform well in dog sport events.

3. Azawakh – This rare dog breed comes out of Africa. Not only they are rare dog breeds, it is a very old dog breed. Its ancestors were faithful companions of the nomads of the Sahara and the Niger delta. It is a hound and a superb sprinter that can bring down deer. There are approximately 250-300 representatives of this breed in America. The dog is noted for its loyalty; in the olden days owning a pack of Azawakhs was a status symbol. The animal is said to have a very noble bearing and aristocratic nature.

4. Greek Harehound – A hound that comes from the mountains of Greece. The rare dog breed was selectively developed to aid in the hunting of hares. The Greek Harehound is a small animal that can weigh up to 44 pounds. It has a keen sense of smell and once it picks up the track of its prey this scenthound will doggedly pursue its quarry. It is an energetic animal with loads of endurance. It may not be a sprinter but is surely built for the chase. The animal needs a lot of outdoor activity and has to be made to understood from the very beginning that you are the alpha male and it has to obey you.

5. American Alsatian – The American Alsatian is a large dog and a rare breed. From a distance it can easily be mistaken for a wolf. The breed was earlier known as the North American Shepalute. This is not a very old dog breed but is already being counted amongst the rare ones. The animals have a calm temperament and surprisingly for their appearance they are actually very gentle. These are probably the largest companion dogs going around. They also serve as therapy dogs and have been used with some success as search and rescue dogs. However; they have a reputation for warming up slowly to work as well as play.

Owning a rare dog breeds can be fun since many people are not familiar with them and they always attract attention,since Americans love their dogs.

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